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"MWASALAT" Launches "Muscat - Duqm" route end of this November

The Oman National Transport Company "Mwasalat” announces the launch of its route service (Muscat-Duqm) on Friday, 25th November 2016 as part of its 2016 plan of new routes announced earlier.

The company will operate return trips on this new intercity line, with one daily service departing each direction from Muscat at 

1:15 pm and Duqm at 6:30 am.

This service takes the following route:  Muscat, Fanja, Samad As-Shan, Mudhaibi Souq, Sinaw, Mahut and Duqm, then takes the same track on the return trip.

Thus, with the launch of this new service, "Mwasalat" has accomplished the operation of all routes   stated in the company's 2016 plan.

The launch of the new route reveals Mwasalat’s concern to stimulate traffic to and from the Duqm area in order to provide a safe and comfortable transport service for travelers. 

"Mwasalat" will introduce promotional tariffs for the trips of this new route(Muscat-Duqm) from November 25th to December 31st, 2016. The ticket price for one-way trip is R.O 4.5 and R.O 8.5 for return trips.

The Oman National Transport Company has recently signed an agreement to operate a bus service between Al-Mouj Muscat (the Wave) and City Centre Muscat, with a bus operating on the following route: The Wave Muscat -  City Centre Muscat – The Wave Muscat, each hour consecutively from 3:00 pm until 10:00 pm daily.

The company also urges all, especially the citizens, to use public transport due to its economic, environmental and social value. The economic significance is noticeably manifested in reducing traffic congestions, and in the expansion of the Sultanate's economy and its recovery, in addition to the creation of job opportunities and  raising  the level of income, plus its results in lowering the overall  operational cost of the    transport sector; furthermore, it reduces the number of injuries and fatalities resulting from traffic accidents.

Also, "Mwasalat” will announce its strategic plan (until the year 2040) in the coming period, with details of projected routes to run throughout 2017.

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