Mwasalat has Achieved the Highest Number of Passengers since the launch of its New Identity by transporting 3.6 Million Passengers
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Mwasalat has Achieved the Highest Number of Passengers since the launch of its New Identity by transporting 3.6 Million Passengers

The Oman National Transport Company "Mwasalat" transported nearly 3.6 million passengers since the commencement of operations under its new identity in November 22, 2015 until November 22, 2016 on all domestic routes in Muscat Governorate and intercity lines to the various governorates of the Sultanate.

Regarding the total number of passengers using domestic routes in Muscat,( Ruwi-Muabala) route is on the top with more than 1.500.000 passengers, followed by the( Ruwi-WadiKabeir) route with more than 800.000 passengers, and then (Ruwi- Matrah- Qasr Al Alam) route with more 300.000, while the route (Ruwi- Wadi Adai) has transported more than 250.000 passengers, followed by (Ruwi-Amirat) route with more than 200.000 passengers, then the route heading to( Sultan Qaboos University –Al-Sahwa  tower) with more than 70.000 passengers, reaching the total number of passengers on the domestic routes of Muscat Governorate to 3,320,236 passengers.

As for the intercity lines to the various governorates of the Sultanate, the company has transported 272.905 thousand passengers via these lines: (Muscat-Sohar-Buraimi),( Muscat-Salalah-Nizwa ) and (Muscat -Sohar- Dubai), in addition to the lines of (Muscat-Abri-Yanqol) and line (Muscat-Ibra-Sur), (Muscat-Marmoul,),( Muscat-Fahoud) along the lines( Muscat-Sinaw) and (Muscat –Sur- Jalaan)..

On 25 of this November, "Transport" launched its line (Muscat-Duqm).  Thus, the company has operated all advertised 2016 lines as per its plan.

Activating Domestic Tourism Movement

In pursuit of "Mwasalat’s" role to contribute to the enhancement of tourism movement in the Sultanate, it has increased the number of trips to Salalah during Salalah Tourism Festival 2016 from 3 to 5 trips a day starting from the third day of Eid al-Fitr of 1437 Higri until September 17, 2016, with special offers and promotional prices during the festival and free tickets for children under the age of two accompanying their parents, as well as special discounts for group bookings.

Safe School Buses

"Mwasalat" runs more than 260 buses designed to transport school children; these are equipped with sophisticated systems to maintain the safety of the students, e.g., the engine will not be switched off until the driver has checked that all passengers have vacated their seats on the bus.

A Year of Achievements

On his part, Ahmed bin Ali Al-Balushi –Chief Executive Officer informed "Mwasalat": "Thankfully the company has completed a whole year since the start of operations under its new identity in November last year, contributing greatly to the public transport development in the Sultanate by the expansion of the domestic and intercity lines and the enhancement of other accompanying services provided by the company; the company is currently capable of transporting more than 10 thousand passengers per weekday and more than 16 thousand passengers on Fridays only".

The company's CEO indicated that "Mwasalat" is currently engaged with the process of the development of all services offered in the coming period, and is seeking closely to promote its services with the latest systems and technological equipment in public transport buses to cope with the developments taking place in the company to offer users easy access to all the details of related trips, times and other data.

Soon.. Comfortable Waiting Stations

He stated that in collaboration with Muscat Municipality, the company endeavors to provide well-equipped comfortable waiting stations for its customers in all locations; it is expected that some of them will be ready before the end of this winter.  The company is pursuing to provide free "Wi-Fi" service and activate "visible screens"onboard buses in the coming period in cooperation with the concerned authorities.

Enhance Partnership

In strengthening the partnership between the company and all public and private institutions, "Mwasalat" has recently advertised onboard buses for a number of parties in order to enhance income and reduce government support, and the more opportunities become available to cooperate with everyone, governmental or private, we welcome all to submit any proposals that would develop the public transport system.

A New Cargo Operation System

As for the cargo system, Al-Balushi stated that "Mwasalat" is a passenger transport company whose main objective is to give priority to carry passengers and their personal belongings, where the company provides a shipping service as an accompanying service whenever there is sufficient space onboard the buses to their destinations; however, the company is proceeding to the development of its cargo operations to solve all existing obstacles related to shipping, so that the cargo system becomes dependent on the size, weight and distance by the use of electronic systems, specialized and easy to use at an affordable price.

"Mwasalat" CEO also stated that the company's accounts across social networking sites are available to the public in the various social media (Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) which Thank God are received positively; we welcome inquiries and constructive feedback for everyone's interest.

Thanks to the Ministry of Transport and Communications and Fellow Staff

Al-Balushi concluded his speech by stating: "My thanks go to the Ministry of Transport and Communications on theirgreat confidence in The Oman National Transport Company "Mwasalat" for the development of the public transport sector in the Sultanate and for its constant support and continuous follow-up to improve all the services, praying Almighty Godreward all our efforts for the benefit of the public interest so that our beloved country of Oman ascends to the ranks of advanced countries in various fields, including the public transport sector, and I thank all my colleagues in the company for their efforts during the past period who were the real achievers of these accomplishments, and with God willing we will work together now and in the future to achieve the best for the public transport with all our capabilities. "

Thank you our Customers and we Promise you of the best

"Mwasalat" thanks all our customers for their confidence in our services, and promises them to deliver the best always, emphasizing that they are our valuable source of progress in promoting the logistics sector and public transport in the Sultanate.

The company also invites all, especially the citizens, to use public transport due to its economic, environmental and social benefits to the individual and society.  The economic significance is noticeably manifested in reducing traffic jams and in the expansion of the Sultanate's economy and its recovery, in addition to the creation of job opportunities and the raising of the level of income. In addition, it results in lowering the total cost of the operations of the transport sector; furthermore, it reduces the number of injuries and fatalities resulting from traffic accidents.

As for the social significance, it is evident in the social integration that public transport helps the social sense of interdependence with various segments of society from the elderly, students and those with special needs.  The environmental importance comes through improving air quality by reducing vehicle emissions and levels of damage to the ozone layer as it reduces fuel consumption and dependence on energy as well as reducing the noise of traffic and improving the environmental quality of the Sultanate.

Also, "Mwasalat” will announce its strategic plan (until the year 2040) in the coming period, with details of projected routes to run throughout 2017.

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