For the first time,
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For the first time, "MWASALAT" and "NFC" connect their services via land and sea


(Muscat, Sunday, August 6th, 2017)


As part of the promotion of partnership and the principle of complementarity between the companies of "ASYAD" group, Oman National Transport Company "MWASALAT" and the National Ferries Company (NFC) are launching, for the first time, a new route linking land with sea, starting from August 24th, 2017.


The new route is called "Muscat-Shinas-Khasab", providing a unique experience through using "MWASALAT" buses by land, and then moving to "ferries" across sea.


There will be four weekly "round trips" at various times. Trip duration does not exceed the length of the current ferry journey from Muscat to Khasab. Besides, this route will provide the flexibility to start or end the trip in other cities in the Sultanate without incurring costs or additional means of transport.


There will be two trips on Muscat-Shinas-Khasab route on Sundays and Thursdays. The trip will start on these days at the same time from Muscat at 12:15 pm. The ferry will leave Shanas at 4:30 pm and arrive at Khasab at 7: 30 pm. There will be two trips on Khasab-Shinas-Muscat route on Saturdays and Tuesdays. The ferry will depart on these days at the same time from Khasab at 1:00 pm and the bus will leave Shanas at 4:50 pm and arrive in Muscat at 8:20 pm.


Ticket prices will be available through the channels of the two companies during the coming period with a promotional offer for this service.


Commenting on the launch of the service, Eng. Abdul Rahman bin Salem Al Hattami, CEO of ASYAD, said: "This is an important step which marks the culmination of efforts to develop the logistics sector in the Sultanate, create innovative opportunities that add value to its activities, create integrated solutions of logistic services at the local level, and to link them at the international level. Al-Hattami explained that "ASYAD" is moving ahead with implementing the national logistics strategy and fulfilling the requirements of this vital and important sector to contribute to the Sultanate's GDP, benefit from the Sultanate logistics position in the region, enhance the financial performance of the Group companies, deviate from government support, and promote foreign and private sector investments in the Group projects. He added that in this regard, the new route has become necessary because of the low number of users of ferries on the current (Muscat - Khasab) route and the high cost of its financial support.


"The new route is an important step to facilitate access to Musandam Governorate by connecting land and sea services of the two companies," said Mehdi bin Mohammed Al-Abdoudani, CEO of National Ferries Company. He added: "We look forward that this route will achieve its set objectives, God willing, in order to contribute to the enhancement of the Sultanate logistics services in a manner that makes it have a global standing to attain the vision on which all people work." He added, "the Muscat-Khasab ferry route will be replaced by this route. The company will evaluate the situation and study the provision of low cost ferries in the Muscat-Khasab route in the future.


Mr. Ahmed Bin Ali Al Balushi, Chief Executive Officer of "MWASALAT" said: "The new route is a continuation of the company's efforts to provide and facilitate service to its customers. He also emphasizes the efforts to link and unite logistics services to achieve the vision of universality and to grant the Sultanate an global standing in these services. Al Balushi added: "We expect, God willing, demand on the new route from the beneficiaries as it serves them via land and sea, which will add value to us as well as the Omani economy through long-term perspective. Al Balushi stressed that "MWASALAT" has made every effort to invest its relations with various institutions in the Sultanate to strengthen the logistics sector and provide its services easily and smoothly.  


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