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City Buses:

Offering public transport services in the cities (Muscat/Sohar/Salalah) from early morning until late night, connecting key areas and places of interest.

Intercity Buses:

Offering public transport services across Oman, running from north to south with an international destination to Dubai.

Mini Buses:

Offering public transport services through commercial contracts with top notch clients, such as Al Mouj, SQU and other government and private entities. This service covers around 36 areas throughout Muscat.

Solar AC Bus stop

Client who purchase this service gets the naming rights of a bus stop for a specific period of time. This includes the right to place logo on the bus stop, name of the bus stop will be included in all public transport brochures and maps as well as on Google Transit.

Bus Inside branding

Buses Screens:

Advertisement service is available on 327 LCD screens. An ad would be displayed once every 20 minutes on average.

Leaflets distribution:

Unlimited A5 size leaflets on buses (Daily refill for one month).

Bus Tickets:

The client can promote his services/product in Bus Tickets.

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