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About US:

 Mwasalat Training Institute(MTI) was established in 2019 to be the center of excellence for training and development in Oman by providing vocational training and employment solutions to the transportation sector. MTI established at the beginning to cover the high standards of MWASALAT requirements and to reduce the existed skill gap against the company expectation especially in the drivers and technical training. Today, we believe that our expertise and success with MWASALAT in workforce training and development during the last five years have earned us the prestige to be a preferred and trusted partner to work with a wide range of employers and employees and to deliver different types of training and development related to the sector such as Technical, Drivers Training, Health, Safety & Environment (HSE), Information Technology (IT), CPC Training , etc. We are looking to deliver high quality products which reflects our Quality Management System which developed to meet the awarding and affiliated bodies standers.
tick  To equip transportation and Logistics providers with skills, knowledge and expertise for Safe, Accessible and Reliable Transportation in Oman.


tick To be the centre of excellence for training and development in the transportation and Logistics sector in Oman.
tick Provide excellence education and training services.
tick Establish and strengthen collaborative relationships and partnerships with interested parties.
tick Expand and manage financial resources that enhance the quality of education and training.

 Technical Training


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