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What is the `TIR` System?

"TIR" stands for Transports Internationaux Routiers (International Road Transport). It is an international Customs transit system that allows the goods to transit from a country of origin to a country of destination in sealed load compartments with Customs control along the supply chain. TIR is globally applicable, and uses a single international guarantee, thus eliminating the need for costly guarantees in each country of transit.

This allows transport companies and custom authorities to significantly cut down on time and money at the borders. The TIR guarantee covers the customs duties and taxes at risk, up to a maximum protection of EUR 100,000 per transport operation. Origin The TIR system was established to facilitate trade and transport whilst implementing an international harmonized system of Customs control. In 1949, shortly after World War II, the first TIR Agreement was concluded between a small number of European countries and led to the elaboration of the TIR Convention in 1954 under the umbrella of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

What is the `TIR` System?

TIR in Oman

The international road transport system includes about 76 countries from all over the world, and its number is constantly increasing with more countries looking to join.

The sultanate of Oman joined the International Road Transport agreement in November 2018, whereby Mwasalat was nominated to be the guarantor that issues TIR Carnets.

TIR System Actors

  • United Nations Bodies

    The United Nations Bodies oversees the application of the TIR Convention.

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    IRU manages the TIR international guarantee chain, distributes TIR guarantees through its member associations.

  • Customs

    Customs authorities implement TIR at national level, including border controls, approvals of national TIR operators and vehicles.

  • Mwasalat

    Issue TIR Carnets, guarantee transport operations under TIR, grant access to the TIR System to transport operators in collaboration with national authorities.

  • TIR Carnet Holders

    After being approved by their Local association and customs, transport and logistics companies can purchase TIR carnets and start making TIR transports.

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