CEO Message

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It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Mwasalat. We believe that corporate communication become one of the most powerful tools to facilitate exchanging information and telling people of our services. It also conveys our responsibility and accountabilities of Mwasalat mission, and vision to provide a safe, accessible, reliable, and efficient "See & Land" Public Transport system in Oman in order to reduce automobile dependency, to promote economic development, to improve the environment and quality of life throughout the country and to optimize the use of public resources.

Today, Mwasalat moving under several transformation steps by reshaping its business units to ensure they are equipped to take advantage of emerging trends in public service sector. These steps targeting to making Mwasalat more agile, cost-efficient with the focus to improving safety, reliability, and quality of public transport services by enhancing company performance, staff productivity and training of Drivers & Crew and Maintenance and Operation team. As an outcome, we will be able to be more closely to identify the needs and requirements of our customers.

We believe that modern technologies creating significant change in enhancing the quality of service. Mwasalat has invested in developing the intelligent transportation system, with the aim of creating additional values and enhancing customer satisfaction.

At Mwasalat, we believe that the public transportation system plays an important role in the renaissance of societies and the upgrading of modern cities and urban development. We are working on daily base with our stakeholders in providing a world-class Public Transport service with a standard that translating Oman vision 2040.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge our employees, stakeholders, business partners and associates for their continued support in providing safe, accessible, reliable, and efficient "See & Land" Public Transport service in Oman.

Badar Mohammed Al Nadabi

Chief Executive Officer - Mwasalat