Terms & conditions

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Passengers are requested to carefully read the travel conditions:
• Boarding:
- If MWASALAT fails to operate or complete the declared operations, the trip shall be replaced with another, and the value of transport may not be refunded.
- Infant is free if accompanying an adult who has a reservation and shall not occupy a separate seat.
- Adhere the necessity of a respectable and decent clothing.
- To be present at the departure point thirty (30) minutes before the schedule time.
• Time Schedule:
- The Company and its agents have the right to amend the time of the trip or replace bus with another. Therefore, MWASALAT shall not be held responsible towards any damage delay as a result of amending the trip route. The customer shall be informed accordingly.
Amendment of Conditions:
- MWASALAT retains the right to amend some or all terms and condition of this agreement, whether by addition or change to any of the articles, if necessary, provided that passenger be notified before 24 hours at least.
• Carrying Luggage & belongings:
- The luggage & belongings shall always be the responsibility of the owner. MWASALAT shall bear no responsibility, whether the luggage & belongings are in the luggage compartment or in passengers’ area.
- It is not allowed to carry any forbidden materials such as:
- Pressurized gases
- Combustible material
- Explosive materials
- Inflammable liquids.
- Poisonous materials.
- Oxidizing substances
- All type of animals.

COVID-19 instructions:

- Fully vaccinated with two doses. Evidence to be provided before boarding.

- Mask should be worn all the time abroad.

- Sanitize your hand from time to time while on board.

- Covid-19 instruction to be followed in all areas.


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