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Muscat - 11MAY

Mwasalat transports more than 100,000 passengers via bus and ferry services during the Eid Al Fitr holiday

The number of users of both buses and the ferries services provided by "Mwasalat" – a member of ASYAD Group - reached more than 100,000 passengers during the Eid al-Fitr holiday, on various routes, thus recording the highest turnout for the use of public transport services during the holidays during the past two years. 

In “Buses” service, the statistics issued by Mwasalat indicated that more than 19,000 passengers were transported via buses on route (Ruwi - Al Mabelah) to come as the most used route during the holiday period, followed by route (Ruwi - Muscat International Airport - Al Mabela), which was used by about 10,000 passengers, then route (Al-Saada - City Center - Port of Salalah), which succeeded in transporting more than 7,000 passengers, while route (Ruwi - Al Amerat) route used more than 6,000 passengers, and 6,000 passengers on route (Ruwi - Muttrah - Muscat), while the number of beneficiaries reached of the bus service on the rest of the routes 5,000 passengers.

In “Ferries” service, which also witnessed the demand of many users to spend their vacation in the various destinations that the ferry trips reach, route (Shanna - Masirah) was the most popular in the number of users by transporting about 7,000 passengers, and the ferry trips were able to transport more than 1900 vehicles across all destinations during the holidays.

Mwasalat statistics also showed that more than 15,000 passengers were transported via bus and ferry services on the first day of Eid al-Fitr, and more than 16,000 passengers were transported on the second day of Eid al-Fitr.

Mwasalat continues its unremitting efforts to upgrade and digitize all its services to meet the requirements of its customers and activate its service, community and tourism role in partnership with the private sector to keep pace with the requirements of the modern renaissance witnessed by the Sultanate in various sectors in various governorates, explaining that there is a growth in the number of users of public transport services from various segments of society. Especially after facilitating the movement procedures resulting from the Corona Covid 19 pandemic.

Mwasalat is also working to enhance the culture of public transport in the Sultanate due to its economic importance, environmental returns and social roles through its implementation of many initiatives and participation in various events. It is also keen as one of its top priorities is to implement the highest standards in the transport system, both land and sea, and to adhere to preventive measures when using its services, to ensure the safety and health of customers and drivers and to preserve the company`s assets and properties.